SUPER: A Novel Lane Detection System

05/14/2020 ∙ by Pingping Lu, et al. ∙ 0

AI-based lane detection algorithms were actively studied over the last few years. Many have demonstrated superior performance compared with traditional feature-based methods. The accuracy, however, is still generally in the low 80 or high 90 propose a real-time lane detection system, called Scene Understanding Physics-Enhanced Real-time (SUPER) algorithm. The proposed method consists of two main modules: 1) a hierarchical semantic segmentation network as the scene feature extractor and 2) a physics enhanced multi-lane parameter optimization module for lane inference. We train the proposed system using heterogeneous data from Cityscapes, Vistas and Apollo, and evaluate the performance on four completely separate datasets (that were never seen before), including Tusimple, Caltech, URBAN KITTI-ROAD, and X-3000. The proposed approach performs the same or better than lane detection models already trained on the same dataset and performs well even on datasets it was never trained on. Real-world vehicle tests were also conducted. Preliminary test results show promising real-time lane-detection performance compared with the Mobileye.



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