Sum-Rank BCH Codes and Cyclic-Skew-Cyclic Codes

by   Umberto Martínez-Peñas, et al.

In this work, cyclic-skew-cyclic codes and sum-rank BCH codes are introduced. Cyclic-skew-cyclic codes are characterized as left ideals over a suitable non-commutative finite ring, constructed using skew polynomials on top of polynomials (or vice versa). Single generators of such left ideals are found, and they are used to construct generator matrices of the corresponding codes. The notion of defining set is introduced, using pairs of roots of skew polynomials on top of poynomials. A lower bound (called sum-rank BCH bound) on the minimum sum-rank distance is given for cyclic-skew-cyclic codes whose defining set contains certain consecutive pairs. Sum-rank BCH codes, with prescribed minimum sum-rank distance, are then defined as the largest cyclic-skew-cyclic codes whose defining set contains such consecutive pairs. The defining set of a sum-rank BCH code is described, and a lower bound on its dimension is obtained. Thanks to it, tables are provided showing that sum-rank BCH codes beat previously known codes for the finite field of size 2^2 = 4 for the sum-rank metric for matrices with m=2 rows and columns. Finally, a decoder for sum-rank BCH codes up to half their prescribed distance is obtained.



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