Subgraph Isomorphism on Graph Classes that Exclude a Substructure

by   Hans L. Bodlaender, et al.
Kyoto University
Utrecht University
Kumamoto University
University of Electro-Communications

We study Subgraph Isomorphism on graph classes defined by a fixed forbidden graph. Although there are several ways for forbidding a graph, we observe that it is reasonable to focus on the minor relation since other well-known relations lead to either trivial or equivalent problems. When the forbidden minor is connected, we present a near dichotomy of the complexity of Subgraph Isomorphism with respect to the forbidden minor, where the only unsettled case is P_5, the path of five vertices. We then also consider the general case of possibly disconnected forbidden minors. We show fixed-parameter tractable cases and randomized XP-time solvable cases parameterized by the size of the forbidden minor H. We also show that by slightly generalizing the tractable cases, the problem becomes NP-complete. All unsettle cases are equivalent to P_5 or the disjoint union of two P_5's. As a byproduct, we show that Subgraph Isomorphism is fixed-parameter tractable parameterized by vertex integrity. Using similar techniques, we also observe that Subgraph Isomorphism is fixed-parameter tractable parameterized by neighborhood diversity.


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