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Study On Coding Tools Beyond Av1

by   Xin Zhao, et al.

The Alliance for Open Media has recently initiated coding tool exploration activities towards the next-generation video coding beyond AV1. With this regard, this paper presents a package of coding tools that have been investigated, implemented and tested on top of the codebase, known as libaom, which is used for the exploration of next-generation video compression tools. The proposed tools cover several technical areas based on a traditional hybrid video coding structure, including block partitioning, prediction, transform and loop filtering. The proposed coding tools are integrated as a package, and a combined coding gain over AV1 is demonstrated in this paper. Furthermore, to better understand the behavior of each tool, besides the combined coding gain, the tool-on and tool-off tests are also simulated and reported for each individual coding tool. Experimental results show that, compared to libaom, the proposed methods achieve an average 8.0 reduction for All Intra coding configuration a wide range of image and video content.


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