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Study of Encoder-Decoder Architectures for Code-Mix Search Query Translation

by   Mandar Kulkarni, et al.

With the broad reach of the internet and smartphones, e-commerce platforms have an increasingly diversified user base. Since native language users are not conversant in English, their preferred browsing mode is their regional language or a combination of their regional language and English. From our recent study on the query data, we noticed that many of the queries we receive are code-mix, specifically Hinglish i.e. queries with one or more Hindi words written in English (Latin) script. We propose a transformer-based approach for code-mix query translation to enable users to search with these queries. We demonstrate the effectiveness of pre-trained encoder-decoder models trained on a large corpus of the unlabeled English text for this task. Using generic domain translation models, we created a pseudo-labelled dataset for training the model on the search queries and verified the effectiveness of various data augmentation techniques. Further, to reduce the latency of the model, we use knowledge distillation and weight quantization. Effectiveness of the proposed method has been validated through experimental evaluations and A/B testing. The model is currently live on Flipkart app and website, serving millions of queries.


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