Student Modeling using Case-Based Reasoning in Conventional Learning System

11/05/2012 ∙ by Indriana Hidayah, et al. ∙ 0

Conventional face-to-face classrooms are still the main learning system applied in Indonesia. In assisting such conventional learning towards an optimal learning, formative evaluations are needed to monitor the progress of the class. This task can be very hard when the size of the class is large. Hence, this research attempted to create a classroom monitoring system based on student data of Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. In order to achieve the goal, a student modeling using Case-Based Reasoning was proposed. A generic student model based on a framework was developed. The model represented student knowledge of a subject. The result showed that the system was able to store and retrieve student data for suggestion of the current situation and formative evaluation for one of the subject in the Department.



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