Structural Parameterizations of Tracking Paths Problem

by   Pratibha Choudhary, et al.

Given a graph G with source and destination vertices s,t∈ V(G) respectively, Tracking Paths asks for a minimum set of vertices T⊆ V(G), such that the sequence of vertices encountered in each simple path from s to t is unique. The problem was proven NP-hard <cit.> and was found to admit a quadratic kernel when parameterized by the size of the desired solution <cit.>. Following recent trends, for the first time, we study Tracking Paths with respect to structural parameters of the input graph, parameters that measure how far the input graph is, from an easy instance. We prove that Tracking Paths admits fixed-parameter tractable (FPT) algorithms when parameterized by the size of vertex cover, and the size of cluster vertex deletion set for the input graph.



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