Structural Adapters in Pretrained Language Models for AMR-to-text Generation

by   Leonardo F. R. Ribeiro, et al.

Previous work on text generation from graph-structured data relies on pretrained language models (PLMs) and utilizes graph linearization heuristics rather than explicitly considering the graph structure. Efficiently encoding the graph structure in PLMs is challenging because they were pretrained on natural language, and modeling structured data may lead to catastrophic forgetting of distributional knowledge. In this paper, we propose StructAdapt, an adapter method to encode graph structure into PLMs. Contrary to prior work, StructAdapt effectively models interactions among the nodes based on the graph connectivity, only training graph structure-aware adapter parameters. In this way, we avoid catastrophic forgetting while maintaining the topological structure of the graph. We empirically show the benefits of explicitly encoding graph structure into PLMs using adapters and achieve state-of-the-art results on two AMR-to-text datasets, training only 5.1


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