StressedNets: Efficient Feature Representations via Stress-induced Evolutionary Synthesis of Deep Neural Networks

by   Mohammad Javad Shafiee, et al.

The computational complexity of leveraging deep neural networks for extracting deep feature representations is a significant barrier to its widespread adoption, particularly for use in embedded devices. One particularly promising strategy to addressing the complexity issue is the notion of evolutionary synthesis of deep neural networks, which was demonstrated to successfully produce highly efficient deep neural networks while retaining modeling performance. Here, we further extend upon the evolutionary synthesis strategy for achieving efficient feature extraction via the introduction of a stress-induced evolutionary synthesis framework, where stress signals are imposed upon the synapses of a deep neural network during training to induce stress and steer the synthesis process towards the production of more efficient deep neural networks over successive generations and improved model fidelity at a greater efficiency. The proposed stress-induced evolutionary synthesis approach is evaluated on a variety of different deep neural network architectures (LeNet5, AlexNet, and YOLOv2) on different tasks (object classification and object detection) to synthesize efficient StressedNets over multiple generations. Experimental results demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed framework to synthesize StressedNets with significant improvement in network architecture efficiency (e.g., 40x for AlexNet and 33x for YOLOv2) and speed improvements (e.g., 5.5x inference speed-up for YOLOv2 on an Nvidia Tegra X1 mobile processor).


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