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Streaming Algorithms for Stochastic Multi-armed Bandits

by   Arnab Maiti, et al.

We study the Stochastic Multi-armed Bandit problem under bounded arm-memory. In this setting, the arms arrive in a stream, and the number of arms that can be stored in the memory at any time, is bounded. The decision-maker can only pull arms that are present in the memory. We address the problem from the perspective of two standard objectives: 1) regret minimization, and 2) best-arm identification. For regret minimization, we settle an important open question by showing an almost tight hardness. We show Ω(T^2/3) cumulative regret in expectation for arm-memory size of (n-1), where n is the number of arms. For best-arm identification, we study two algorithms. First, we present an O(r) arm-memory r-round adaptive streaming algorithm to find an ϵ-best arm. In r-round adaptive streaming algorithm for best-arm identification, the arm pulls in each round are decided based on the observed outcomes in the earlier rounds. The best-arm is the output at the end of r rounds. The upper bound on the sample complexity of our algorithm matches with the lower bound for any r-round adaptive streaming algorithm. Secondly, we present a heuristic to find the ϵ-best arm with optimal sample complexity, by storing only one extra arm in the memory.


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