Strategic Thinking for Sustainable Practice-Centered Computing

by   Myriam Lewkowicz, et al.

This book was a trigger for me to reflect on all the projects we have conducted at the local, regional, national, and European levels around healthcare, addressing the social isolation of elderlies, the social support among caregivers, and the coordination issues of professionals willing to take care for patients at their home. Since Ina Wagner interviewed me in Paris, the situation evolved in France as a new healthcare law was voted that emphasizes the importance of cooperation among healthcare practitioners, the need for IT support, and the key role of local territories (which is not obvious in France, that is a very centralized country). The reflection that started with this book definitely helped me to make decisions in this evolving context, and I am grateful to Claudia Müller who, through an interview, facilitated me to realize what are, from my experience, the main issues that have to be dealt with when aiming at ensuring a sustainable practice-based computing approach. In this epilogue, I briefly list and illustrate these main issues, hoping they could support other sustainable experiences.



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