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Store-Collect in the Presence of Continuous Churn with Application to Snapshots and Lattice Agreement

by   Hagit Attiya, et al.

We present an algorithm for implementing a store-collect object in an asynchronous crash-prone message-passing dynamic system, where nodes continually enter and leave. The algorithm is very simple and efficient, requiring just one round trip for a store operation and two for a collect. We then show the versatility of the store-collect object for implementing churn-tolerant versions of useful data structures, while shielding the user from the complications of the underlying churn. The store-collect object is not linearizable and can easily be used to implement several non-linearizable objects. Yet without much additional effort, it can also be used to implement atomic snapshot and generalized lattice agreement objects, which are linearizable. Thus the store-collect sits in a sweet spot combining algorithmic flexibility and efficiency.


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