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Stochastic Geometry Modeling and Analysis of Single- and Multi-Cluster Wireless Networks

by   Seyed Mohammad Azimi-Abarghouyi, et al.
Sharif Accelerator
University of Notre Dame

This paper develops a stochastic geometry-based approach for the modeling and analysis of single- and multi-cluster wireless networks. We first define finite homogeneous Poisson point processes to model the number and locations of the transmitters in a confined region as a single-cluster wireless network. We study the coverage probability for a reference receiver for two strategies; closest-selection, where the receiver is served by the closest transmitter among all transmitters, and uniform-selection, where the serving transmitter is selected randomly with uniform distribution. Second, using Matern cluster processes, we extend our model and analysis to multi-cluster wireless networks. Here, the receivers are modeled in two types, namely, closed- and open-access. Closed-access receivers are distributed around the cluster centers of the transmitters according to a symmetric normal distribution and can be served only by the transmitters of their corresponding clusters. Open-access receivers, on the other hand, are placed independently of the transmitters and can be served by all transmitters. In all cases, the link distance distribution and the Laplace transform (LT) of the interference are derived. We also derive closed-form lower bounds on the LT of the interference for single-cluster wireless networks. The impact of different parameters on the performance is also investigated.


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