Stochastic Design and Analysis of Wireless Cloud Caching Networks

This paper develops a stochastic geometry-based approach for the modeling, analysis, and optimization of wireless cloud caching networks comprised of multiple-antenna radio units (RUs) inside clouds. We consider the Matern cluster process to model RUs and the probabilistic content placement to cache files in RUs. Accordingly, we study the exact hit probability for a user of interest for two strategies; closest selection, where the user is served by the closest RU that has its requested file, and best selection, where the serving RU having the requested file provides the maximum instantaneous received power at the user. As key steps for the analyses, the Laplace transform of out of cloud interference, the desired link distance distribution in the closest selection, and the desired link received power distribution in the best selection are derived. Also, we approximate the derived exact hit probabilities for both the closest and the best selections in such a way that the related objective functions for the content caching design of the network can lead to tractable concave optimization problems. Solving the optimization problems, we propose algorithms to efficiently find their optimal content placements. Finally, we investigate the impact of different parameters such as the number of antennas and the cache memory size on the caching performance.


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