STEP : A Distributed Multi-threading Framework Towards Efficient Data Analytics

by   Yijie Mei, et al.

Various general-purpose distributed systems have been proposed to cope with high-diversity applications in the pipeline of Big Data analytics. Most of them provide simple yet effective primitives to simplify distributed programming. While the rigid primitives offer great ease of use to savvy programmers, they probably compromise efficiency in performance and flexibility in data representation and programming specifications, which are critical properties in real systems. In this paper, we discuss the limitations of coarse-grained primitives and aim to provide an alternative for users to have flexible control over distributed programs and operate globally shared data more efficiently. We develop STEP, a novel distributed framework based on in-memory key-value store. The key idea of STEP is to adapt multi-threading in a single machine to a distributed environment. STEP enables users to take fine-grained control over distributed threads and apply task-specific optimizations in a flexible manner. The underlying key-value store serves as distributed shared memory to keep globally shared data. To ensure ease-of-use, STEP offers plentiful effective interfaces in terms of distributed shared data manipulation, cluster management, distributed thread management and synchronization. We conduct extensive experimental studies to evaluate the performance of STEP using real data sets. The results show that STEP outperforms the state-of-the-art general-purpose distributed systems as well as a specialized ML platform in many real applications.


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