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Steganography Security: Principle and Practice

by   Yan Ke, et al.

This paper focuses on several theoretical issues and principles in steganography security, and defines four security levels by analyzing corresponding algorithm instances. In the theoretical analysis, we discuss the differences between steganography security and watermarking security. The two necessary conditions for the steganography security are obtained. Then under the current technology situation, we analyze the indistinguishability of the cover and stego-cover, and consider that the steganography security should rely on the key secrecy with algorithms open. By specifying the security requirements of the keys, the role of Kerckhoffs' principle in steganography is emphasized. The necessary conditions for a secure steganography algorithm in theory are formally presented. When analyzing the security instances, we classify the steganalysis attacks according to their variable access to the steganography system, and then define the four security levels. The higher level security one has, the higher level attacks one can resist. We present algorithm instances based on current technical conditions, and analyze their data hiding process, security level, and practice requirements.


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