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Statistical Inference in High-Dimensional Generalized Linear Models with Asymmetric Link Functions

by   Kazuma Sawaya, et al.
The University of Tokyo

We have developed a statistical inference method applicable to a broad range of generalized linear models (GLMs) in high-dimensional settings, where the number of unknown coefficients scales proportionally with the sample size. Although a pioneering method has been developed for logistic regression, which is a specific instance of GLMs, its direct applicability to other GLMs remains limited. In this study, we address this limitation by developing a new inference method designed for a class of GLMs with asymmetric link functions. More precisely, we first introduce a novel convex loss-based estimator and its associated system, which are essential components for the inference. We next devise a methodology for identifying parameters of the system required within the method. Consequently, we construct confidence intervals for GLMs in the high-dimensional regime. We prove that our proposal has desirable theoretical properties, such as strong consistency and exact coverage probability. Finally, we confirm the validity in experiments.


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