Statistical Inference for Local Granger Causality

02/27/2021 ∙ by Yan Liu, et al. ∙ 0

Granger causality has been employed to investigate causality relations between components of stationary multiple time series. Here, we generalize this concept by developing statistical inference for local Granger causality for multivariate locally stationary processes. Thus, our proposed local Granger causality approach captures time-evolving causality relationships in nonstationary processes. The proposed local Granger causality is well represented in the frequency domain and estimated based on the parametric time-varying spectral density matrix using the local Whittle likelihood. Under regularity conditions, we demonstrate that the estimators converge weakly to a Gaussian process. Additionally, the test statistic for the local Granger causality is shown to be asymptotically distributed as a quadratic form of a multivariate normal distribution. The finite sample performance is confirmed with several simulation studies for multivariate time-varying VAR models. For practical demonstration, the proposed local Granger causality method uncovered new functional connectivity relationships between channels in brain signals. Moreover, the method was able to identify structural changes of Granger causality in financial data.



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