Statistical Analysis of Metrics for Software Quality Improvement

by   Karuna Prasad, et al.

Software product quality can be defined as the features and characteristics of the product that meet the user needs. The quality of any software can be achieved by following a well defined software process. These software process results into various metrics like Project metrics, Product metrics and Process metrics. Software quality depends on the process which is carried out to design and develop software. Even though the process can be carried out with utmost care, still it can introduce some error and defects. Process metrics are very useful from management point of view. Process metrics can be used for improving the software development and maintenance process for defect removal and also for reducing the response time. This paper describes the importance of capturing the Process metrics during the quality audit process and also attempts to categorize them based on the nature of error captured. To reduce such errors and defects found, steps for corrective actions are recommended.



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