Statistical Analysis of Behavioral Intention Towards Private Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

by   Sonia Ghayem, et al.

In this paper, we propose a conceptual framework to identify the key dimensions affecting behavioral intention to bank umbilical cord blood in Iran. We examine the impact of awareness, reference group, usability, disease history, and price on perceived risk and behavioral intention to use umbilical cord blood banking service. To evaluate the proposed model of umbilical cord blood banking behavioral intention and to test our hypotheses, we apply field exploratory research. We use a five-point Likert scale to form a questionnaire to collect the data. The model is estimated with a sample of 242 Royan cord blood bank customers in Tehran. We use Pearson correlation and structural equation modeling to analyze the structural relationships between research variables, perceived risk, and behavioral intention. This research gives novelty on the determinants of behavioral intention in private umbilical cord blood banking, which adds value to literature and future managerial practices. Results show that usability is the primary determinant in cord blood banking.



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