Stable Matrix Completion using Properly Configured Kronecker Product Decomposition

by   Chencheng Cai, et al.
Rutgers University

Matrix completion problems are the problems of recovering missing entries in a partially observed high dimensional matrix with or without noise. Such a problem is encountered in a wide range of applications such as collaborative filtering, global positioning and remote sensing. Most of the existing matrix completion algorithms assume a low rank structure of the underlying complete matrix and perform reconstruction through the recovery of the low-rank structure using singular value decomposition. In this paper, we propose an alternative and more flexible structure for the underlying true complete matrix for the purpose of matrix completion and denoising. Specifically, instead of assuming a low matrix rank, we assume the underlying complete matrix has a low Kronecker product rank structure. Such a structure is often seen in the matrix observations in signal processing and image processing applications. The Kronecker product structure also includes low rank singular value decomposition structure commonly used as one of its special cases. The extra flexibility assumed for the underlying structure allows for using much less number of parameters but also raises the challenge of determining the proper Kronecker product configuration to be used. In this article, we propose to use a class of information criteria for the determination of the proper configuration and study its empirical performance in matrix completion problems. Simulation studies show promising results that the true underlying configuration can be accurately selected by the information criteria and the accompanying matrix completion algorithm can produce more accurate matrix recovery with less number of parameters than the standard matrix completion algorithms.


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