Stable Dynamic Predictive Clustering (SDPC) Protocol for Vehicular Ad hoc Network

by   Mohammad Mukhtaruzzaman, et al.

Vehicular communication is an essential part of a smart city. Scalability is a major issue for vehicular communication, specially, when the number of vehicles increases at any given point. Vehicles also suffer some other problems such as broadcast problem. Clustering can solve the issues of vehicular ad hoc network (VANET); however, due to the high mobility of the vehicles, clustering in VANET suffers stability issue. Previously proposed clustering algorithms for VANET are optimized for either straight road or for intersection. Moreover, the absence of the intelligent use of a combination of the mobility parameters, such as direction, movement, position, velocity, degree of vehicle, movement at the intersection etc., results in cluster stability issues. A dynamic clustering algorithm considering the efficient use of all the mobility parameters can solve the stability problem in VANET. To achieve higher stability for VANET, a novel robust and dynamic clustering algorithm stable dynamic predictive clustering (SDPC) for VANET is proposed in this paper. In contrast to previous studies, vehicle relative velocity, vehicle position, vehicle distance, transmission range, and vehicle density are considered in the creation of a cluster, whereas relative distance, movement at the intersection, degree of vehicles are considered to select the cluster head. From the mobility parameters the future road scenario is constructed. The cluster is created, and the cluster head is selected based on the future construction of the road. The performance of SDPC is compared in terms of the average cluster head change rate, the average cluster head duration, the average cluster member duration, and the ratio of clustering overhead in terms of total packet transmission. The simulation result shows SDPC outperforms the existing algorithms and achieved better clustering stability.


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