Stability properties of a projector-splitting scheme for the dynamical low rank approximation of random parabolic equations

06/09/2020 ∙ by Yoshihito Kazashi, et al. ∙ 0

We consider the Dynamical Low Rank (DLR) approximation of random parabolic equations and propose a class of fully discrete numerical schemes. Similarly to the continuous DLR approximation, our schemes are shown to satisfy a discrete variational formulation. By exploiting this property, we establish stability of our schemes: we show that our explicit and semi-implicit versions are conditionally stable under a parabolic type CFL condition which does not depend on the smallest singular value of the DLR solution; whereas our implicit scheme is unconditionally stable. Moreover, we show that, in certain cases, the semi-implicit scheme can be unconditionally stable if the randomness in the system is sufficiently small. Furthermore, we show that these schemes can be interpreted as projector-splitting integrators and are strongly related to the scheme proposed by Lubich et al. [BIT Num. Math., 54:171-188, 2014; SIAM J. on Num. Anal., 53:917-941, 2015], to which our stability analysis applies as well. The analysis is supported by numerical results showing the sharpness of the obtained stability conditions.



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