SSDL: Self-Supervised Domain Learning for Improved Face Recognition

11/26/2020 ∙ by S. W. Arachchilage, et al. ∙ 0

Face recognition in unconstrained environments is challenging due to variations in illumination, quality of sensing, motion blur and etc. An individual's face appearance can vary drastically under different conditions creating a gap between train (source) and varying test (target) data. The domain gap could cause decreased performance levels in direct knowledge transfer from source to target. Despite fine-tuning with domain specific data could be an effective solution, collecting and annotating data for all domains is extremely expensive. To this end, we propose a self-supervised domain learning (SSDL) scheme that trains on triplets mined from unlabelled data. A key factor in effective discriminative learning, is selecting informative triplets. Building on most confident predictions, we follow an "easy-to-hard" scheme of alternate triplet mining and self-learning. Comprehensive experiments on four different benchmarks show that SSDL generalizes well on different domains.



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