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SRIB-LEAP submission to Far-field Multi-Channel Speech Enhancement Challenge for Video Conferencing

by   R G Prithvi Raj, et al.

This paper presents the details of the SRIB-LEAP submission to the ConferencingSpeech challenge 2021. The challenge involved the task of multi-channel speech enhancement to improve the quality of far field speech from microphone arrays in a video conferencing room. We propose a two stage method involving a beamformer followed by single channel enhancement. For the beamformer, we incorporated self-attention mechanism as inter-channel processing layer in the filter-and-sum network (FaSNet), an end-to-end time-domain beamforming system. The single channel speech enhancement is done in log spectral domain using convolution neural network (CNN)-long short term memory (LSTM) based architecture. We achieved improvements in objective quality metrics - perceptual evaluation of speech quality (PESQ) of 0.5 on the noisy data. On subjective quality evaluation, the proposed approach improved the mean opinion score (MOS) by an absolute measure of 0.9 over the noisy audio.


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