Square-Contact Representations of Partial 2-Trees and Triconnected Simply-Nested Graphs

by   Giordano Da Lozzo, et al.
University of California, Irvine

A square-contact representation of a planar graph G=(V,E) maps vertices in V to interior-disjoint axis-aligned squares in the plane and edges in E to adjacencies between the sides of the corresponding squares. In this paper, we study proper square-contact representations of planar graphs, in which any two squares are either disjoint or share infinitely many points. We characterize the partial 2-trees and the triconnected cycle-trees allowing for such representations. For partial 2-trees our characterization uses a simple forbidden subgraph whose structure forces a separating triangle in any embedding. For the triconnected cycle-trees, a subclass of the triconnected simply-nested graphs, we use a new structural decomposition for the graphs in this family, which may be of independent interest. Finally, we study square-contact representations of general triconnected simply-nested graphs with respect to their outerplanarity index.


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