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Speech Representation Learning Combining Conformer CPC with Deep Cluster for the ZeroSpeech Challenge 2021

by   Takashi Maekaku, et al.
Carnegie Mellon University

We present a system for the Zero Resource Speech Challenge 2021, which combines a Contrastive Predictive Coding (CPC) with deep cluster. In deep cluster, we first prepare pseudo-labels obtained by clustering the outputs of a CPC network with k-means. Then, we train an additional autoregressive model to classify the previously obtained pseudo-labels in a supervised manner. Phoneme discriminative representation is achieved by executing the second-round clustering with the outputs of the final layer of the autoregressive model. We show that replacing a Transformer layer with a Conformer layer leads to a further gain in a lexical metric. Experimental results show that a relative improvement of 35 in a syntactic metric are achieved compared to a baseline method of CPC-small which is trained on LibriSpeech 460h data. We achieve top results in this challenge with the syntactic metric.


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