Spectral Graph Wavelets for Structural Role Similarity in Networks

by   Claire Donnat, et al.

Nodes residing in different parts of a graph can have similar structural roles within their local network topology. The identification of such roles provides key insight into the organization of networks and can also be used to inform machine learning on graphs. However, learning structural representations of nodes is a challenging unsupervised-learning task, which typically involves manually specifying and tailoring topological features for each node. Here we develop GraphWave, a method that represents each node's local network neighborhood via a low-dimensional embedding by leveraging spectral graph wavelet diffusion patterns. We prove that nodes with similar local network neighborhoods will have similar GraphWave embeddings even though these nodes may reside in very different parts of the network. Our method scales linearly with the number of edges and does not require any hand-tailoring of topological features. We evaluate performance on both synthetic and real-world datasets, obtaining improvements of up to 71


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