Spatiogram: A phase based directional angular measure and perceptual weighting for ensemble source width

by   Arthi S, et al.

In concert hall studies, inter-aural cross-correlation (IACC), which is signal dependent, is used as a measure of perceptual source width. The same measure is used for perceptual source width in the case of distributed sources also. In this work, we examine the validity of IACC for both the cases and develop an improved measure for ensemble-like distributed sources. We decompose the new objective measure for perceptual ensemble source width (ESW) into two components (i) phase based directional angular measure, which is timbre independent (spatial measure) and (ii) mean time-bandwidth energy (MTBE), a perceptual weight, (timbre measure). This combination of spatial and timbral measures can be extended as an alternate measure for determining auditory source width (ASW) and listener envelopment (LEV) of arbitrary signals in concert-hall and room acoustics.



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