Spatial multiresolution analysis approach to identify crash hotspots and estimate crash risk

by   Samer Katicha, et al.

In this paper, the authors evaluate the performance of a spatial multiresolution analysis (SMA) method that behaves like a variable bandwidth kernel density estimation (KDE) method, for hazardous road segments identification (HRSI) and crash risk (expected number of crashes) estimation. The proposed SMA, is similar to the KDE method with the additional benefit of allowing for the bandwidth to be different at different road segments depending on how homogenous the segments are. Furthermore, the optimal bandwidth at each road segment is determined solely based on the data by minimizing an unbiased estimate of the mean square error. The authors compare the SMA method with the state of the practice crash analysis method, the empirical Bayes (EB) method, in terms of their HRSI ability and their ability to predict future crashes. The results indicate that the SMA may outperform the EB method, at least with the crash data of the entire Virginia interstate network used in this paper. The SMA is implemented in an Excel spreadsheet that is freely available for download.



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