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Spatial-And-Context aware (SpACe) "virtual biopsy" radiogenomic maps to target tumor mutational status on structural MRI

by   Marwa Ismail, et al.

With growing emphasis on personalized cancer-therapies,radiogenomics has shown promise in identifying target tumor mutational status on routine imaging (i.e. MRI) scans. These approaches fall into 2 categories: (1) deep-learning/radiomics (context-based), using image features from the entire tumor to identify the gene mutation status, or (2) atlas (spatial)-based to obtain likelihood of gene mutation status based on population statistics. While many genes (i.e. EGFR, MGMT) are spatially variant, a significant challenge in reliable assessment of gene mutation status on imaging has been the lack of available co-localized ground truth for training the models. We present Spatial-And-Context aware (SpACe) "virtual biopsy" maps that incorporate context-features from co-localized biopsy site along with spatial-priors from population atlases, within a Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator (LASSO) regression model, to obtain a per-voxel probability of the presence of a mutation status (M+ vs M-). We then use probabilistic pair-wise Markov model to improve the voxel-wise prediction probability. We evaluate the efficacy of SpACe maps on MRI scans with co-localized ground truth obtained from corresponding biopsy, to predict the mutation status of 2 driver genes in Glioblastoma: (1) EGFR (n=91), and (2) MGMT (n=81). When compared against deep-learning (DL) and radiomic models, SpACe maps obtained training and testing accuracies of 90 amplification status,compared to 80 65.5 88.3 79.3 surgical navigation to improve localization of sampling sites for targeting of specific driver genes in cancer.


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