Sparsity Meets Robustness: Channel Pruning for the Feynman-Kac Formalism Principled Robust Deep Neural Nets

by   Thu Dinh, et al.
University of California, Irvine

Deep neural nets (DNNs) compression is crucial for adaptation to mobile devices. Though many successful algorithms exist to compress naturally trained DNNs, developing efficient and stable compression algorithms for robustly trained DNNs remains widely open. In this paper, we focus on a co-design of efficient DNN compression algorithms and sparse neural architectures for robust and accurate deep learning. Such a co-design enables us to advance the goal of accommodating both sparsity and robustness. With this objective in mind, we leverage the relaxed augmented Lagrangian based algorithms to prune the weights of adversarially trained DNNs, at both structured and unstructured levels. Using a Feynman-Kac formalism principled robust and sparse DNNs, we can at least double the channel sparsity of the adversarially trained ResNet20 for CIFAR10 classification, meanwhile, improve the natural accuracy by 8.69% and the robust accuracy under the benchmark 20 iterations of IFGSM attack by 5.42%. The code is available at <>.


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