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Sparse grid implementation of a fixed-point fast sweeping WENO scheme for Eikonal equations

by   Zachary M. Miksis, et al.

Fixed-point fast sweeping methods are a class of explicit iterative methods developed in the literature to efficiently solve steady state solutions of hyperbolic partial differential equations (PDEs). As other types of fast sweeping schemes, fixed-point fast sweeping methods use the Gauss-Seidel iterations and alternating sweeping strategy to cover characteristics of hyperbolic PDEs in a certain direction simultaneously in each sweeping order. The resulting iterative schemes have fast convergence rate to steady state solutions. Moreover, an advantage of fixed-point fast sweeping methods over other types of fast sweeping methods is that they are explicit and do not involve inverse operation of any nonlinear local system. Hence they are robust and flexible, and have been combined with high order accurate weighted essentially non-oscillatory (WENO) schemes to solve various hyperbolic PDEs in the literature. For multidimensional nonlinear problems, high order fixed-point fast sweeping WENO methods still require quite large amount of computational costs. In this technical note, we apply sparse-grid techniques, an effective approximation tool for multidimensional problems, to fixed-point fast sweeping WENO method for reducing its computational costs. Here we focus on a robust Runge-Kutta (RK) type fixed-point fast sweeping WENO scheme with third order accuracy (Zhang et al. 2006 [33]), for solving Eikonal equations, an important class of static Hamilton-Jacobi (H-J) equations. Numerical experiments on solving multidimensional Eikonal equations and a more general static H-J equation are performed to show that the sparse grid computations of the fixed-point fast sweeping WENO scheme achieve large savings of CPU times on refined meshes, and at the same time maintain comparable accuracy and resolution with those on corresponding regular single grids.


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