Space time stabilized finite element methods for a unique continuation problem subject to the wave equation

by   Erik Burman, et al.

We consider a stabilized finite element method based on a spacetime formulation, where the equations are solved on a global (unstructured) spacetime mesh. A unique continuation problem for the wave equation is considered, where data is known in an interior subset of spacetime. For this problem, we consider a primal-dual discrete formulation of the continuum problem with the addition of stabilization terms that are designed with the goal of minimizing the numerical errors. We prove error estimates using the stability properties of the numerical scheme and a continuum observability estimate, based on the sharp geometric control condition by Bardos, Lebeau and Rauch. The order of convergence for our numerical scheme is optimal with respect to stability properties of the continuum problem and the interpolation errors of approximating with polynomial spaces. Numerical examples are provided that illustrate the methodology.



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