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Source Camera Attribution of Multi-Format Devices

by   Samet Taspinar, et al.
The University of Auckland
NYU college

Photo Response Non-Uniformity (PRNU) based source camera attribution is an effective method to determine the origin camera of visual media (an image or a video). However, given that modern devices, especially smartphones, capture images, and videos at different resolutions using the same sensor array, PRNU attribution can become ineffective as the camera fingerprint and query visual media can be misaligned. We examine different resizing techniques such as binning, line-skipping, cropping and scaling that cameras use to downsize the raw sensor image to different media. Taking such techniques into account, this paper studies the problem of source camera attribution. We define the notion of Ratio of Alignment, which is a measure of shared sensor elements among spatially corresponding pixels within two media objects resized with different techniques. We then compute the Ratio of Alignment between the different combinations of three common resizing methods under simplified conditions and experimentally validate our analysis. Based on the insights drawn from the different techniques used by cameras and the RoA analysis, the paper proposes an algorithm for matching the source of a video with an image and vice versa. We also present an efficient search method resulting in significantly improved performance in matching as well as computation time.


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