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Solving the large syndrome calculation problem in steganography

by   Suah Kim, et al.
Korea University

In error correction code based image steganography, embedding using large length codes have not been researched extensively. This is due to the fact that the embedding efficiency decreases as the length becomes sufficiently larger and the memory requirement to build the parity matrix for large code is almost infeasible. However, recent studies have demonstrated that the embedding efficiency is not as important as minimizing the distortion. In light of the finding, we propose a embedding method using a large length codes which does not have such a large memory requirement. The proposed method solves the problem with the large parity matrix by embedding in the polynomial domain as oppose to matrix domain, while keeping the computational complexity equal to the matrix based methods. Furthermore, a novel embedding code called low complexity distortion minimization (LCDM) code is also presented as an example.


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