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Solving optimization problems with Blackwell approachability

by   Julien Grand-Clément, et al.

We introduce the Conic Blackwell Algorithm^+ (CBA^+) regret minimizer, a new parameter- and scale-free regret minimizer for general convex sets. CBA^+ is based on Blackwell approachability and attains O(√(T)) regret. We show how to efficiently instantiate CBA^+ for many decision sets of interest, including the simplex, ℓ_p norm balls, and ellipsoidal confidence regions in the simplex. Based on CBA^+, we introduce SP-CBA^+, a new parameter-free algorithm for solving convex-concave saddle-point problems, which achieves a O(1/√(T)) ergodic rate of convergence. In our simulations, we demonstrate the wide applicability of SP-CBA^+ on several standard saddle-point problems, including matrix games, extensive-form games, distributionally robust logistic regression, and Markov decision processes. In each setting, SP-CBA^+ achieves state-of-the-art numerical performance, and outperforms classical methods, without the need for any choice of step sizes or other algorithmic parameters.


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