Software-Defined Multi-domain Tactical Networks: Foundations and Future Directions

by   Redowan Mahmud, et al.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) has emerged as a programmable approach for provisioning and managing network resources by defining a clear separation between the control and data forwarding planes. Nowadays SDN has gained significant attention in the military domain. Its use in the battlefield communication facilitates the end-to-end interactions and assists the exploitation of edge computing resources for processing data in the proximity. However, there are still various challenges related to the security and interoperability among several heterogeneous, dynamic, intermittent, and data packet technologies like multi-bearer network (MBN) that need to be addressed to leverage the benefits of SDN in tactical environments. In this chapter, we explicitly analyse these challenges and review the current research initiatives in SDN-enabled tactical networks. We also present a taxonomy on SDN-based tactical network orchestration according to the identified challenges and map the existing works to the taxonomy aiming at determining the research gaps and suggesting future directions.



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