Social Reader Perusall – a Highly Effective Tool and Source of Formative Assessment Data

by   Jozef Hanč, et al.

The contribution provides a detailed exploration of the online platform Perusall as an advanced social annotation technology in teaching and learning STEM disciplines. This exploration is based on the authors' insights and experiences from three years of implementing Perusall at P.J. Šafárik University in Košice, Slovakia. While the concept of social annotation technology and its educational applications are not novel, Perusall's advanced features, including AI and data science reports, enable its use in both synchronous and asynchronous blended and flipped learning environments. In this context, Perusall serves as a digital tool for collecting formative data, monitoring student progress, and identifying areas of difficulty. This assessment data can be effectively utilized in preparing and personalizing subsequent face-to-face group interactions, thereby enhancing and improving the learning experience. From a pedagogical viewpoint, Perusall's role was particularly significant during the Covid-19 pandemic, enabling effective, continuous, and engaging learning amidst social distancing and physical restrictions. Today, Perusall has become a key tool in blended learning, facilitating higher-order cognitive processes during the educational process and, with its multifaceted applications, serves as a modern catalyst in redefining educational experiences and outcomes.


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