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Soccer League Optimization: A heuristic Algorithm Inspired by the Football System in European Countries

by   Erfan Khaji, et al.

In this paper a new heuristic optimization algorithm has been introduced based on the performance of the major football leagues within each season in EU countries. The algorithm starts with an initial population including three different groups of teams: the wealthiest (strongest), the regular, the poorest (weakest). Each individual of population constitute a football team while each player is an indication of a player in a post. The optimization can hopefully occurs when the competition among the teams in all the leagues is imitated as the strongest teams usually purchase the best players of the regular teams and in turn, regular teams purchase the best players of the weakest who should always discover young players instead of buying professionals. It has been shown that the algorithm can hopefully converge to an acceptable solution solving various benchmarks. Key words: Heuristic Algorithms


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