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SOAC: The Soft Option Actor-Critic Architecture

by   Chenghao Li, et al.
Tsinghua University

The option framework has shown great promise by automatically extracting temporally-extended sub-tasks from a long-horizon task. Methods have been proposed for concurrently learning low-level intra-option policies and high-level option selection policy. However, existing methods typically suffer from two major challenges: ineffective exploration and unstable updates. In this paper, we present a novel and stable off-policy approach that builds on the maximum entropy model to address these challenges. Our approach introduces an information-theoretical intrinsic reward for encouraging the identification of diverse and effective options. Meanwhile, we utilize a probability inference model to simplify the optimization problem as fitting optimal trajectories. Experimental results demonstrate that our approach significantly outperforms prior on-policy and off-policy methods in a range of Mujoco benchmark tasks while still providing benefits for transfer learning. In these tasks, our approach learns a diverse set of options, each of whose state-action space has strong coherence.


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