So You Want to Analyze Scheme Programs With Datalog?

by   Davis Ross Silverman, et al.

Static analysis approximates the results of a program by examining only its syntax. For example, control-flow analysis (CFA) determines which syntactic lambdas (for functional languages) or (for object-oriented) methods may be invoked at each call site within a program. Rich theoretical results exist studying control flow analysis for Scheme-like languages, but implementations are often complex and specialized. By contrast, object-oriented languages (Java in particular) enjoy high-precision control-flow analyses that scale to thousands (or more) of lines of code. State-of-the-art implementations (such as DOOP on Soufflé) structure the analysis using Horn-SAT (Datalog) to enable compilation of the analysis to efficient implementations such as high-performance relational algebra kernels. In this paper, we present an implementation of control-flow analysis for a significant subset of Scheme (including set!, call/cc, and primitive operations) using the Soufflé Datalog engine. We present an evaluation on a worst-case term demonstrating the polynomial complexity of our m-CFA and remark upon scalability results using Soufflé.



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