Smoking prevalence in Covid-19 patients

07/28/2021 ∙ by Sina Bagheri Nezhad, et al. ∙ 0

We investigate the prevalence rate of smoking in Covid-19 patients and examine whether there is a difference in the distribution of smokers between the two statistical populations of critically ill patients with Covid-19 and the entire Iranian population or not. To do this, we first prepared a sample of 1040 Covid-19 patients admitted to hospitals in Tehran, Rasht, and Bojnord. Then, through the non-parametric statistical runs test, we show that the sample was randomly selected, and it is possible to generalize the result of tests on the sample to the community of hospitalized Covid-19 patients. In continuation, we examined the hypothesis that the smoking prevalence among Covid-19 patients admitted to hospitals is equal to the prevalence rate of smoking in Iranian society. For this purpose, we used the non-parametric chi-square test, and it was observed that this hypothesis is rejected. The data show a significant difference in the prevalence of smoking between critically ill Covid-19 patients and the whole of Iranian society. Additionally, we examined this hypothesis in some subpopulations, and the results were the same.



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