Smart Navigation for an In-pipe Robot Through Multi-phase Motion Control and Particle Filtering Method

by   Saber Kazeminasab, et al.

In-pipe robots are promising solutions for condition assessment, leak detection, water quality monitoring in a variety of other tasks in pipeline networks. Smart navigation is an extremely challenging task for these robots as a result of highly uncertain and disturbing environment for operation. Wireless communication to control these robots during operation is not feasible if the pipe material is metal since the radio signals are destroyed in the pipe environment, and hence, this challenge is still unsolved. In this paper, we introduce a method for smart navigation for our previously designed in-pipe robot [1] based on particle filtering and a two-phase motion controller. The robot is given the map of the operation path with a novel approach and the particle filtering determines the straight and non-straight configurations of the pipeline. In the straight paths, the robot follows a linear quadratic regulator (LQR) and proportional-integral-derivative (PID) based controller that stabilizes the robot and tracks a desired velocity. In non-straight paths, the robot follows the trajectory that a motion trajectory generator block plans for the robot. The proposed method is a promising solution for smart navigation without the need for wireless communication and capable of inspecting long distances in water distribution systems.



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