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Smart-home anomaly detection using combination of in-home situation and user behavior

by   Masaaki Yamauchi, et al.

Internet-of-things (IoT) devices are vulnerable to malicious operations by attackers, which can cause physical and economic harm to users; therefore, we previously proposed a sequence-based method that modeled user behavior as sequences of in-home events and a base home state to detect anomalous operations. However, that method modeled users' home states based on the time of day; hence, attackers could exploit the system to maximize attack opportunities. Therefore, we then proposed an estimation-based detection method that estimated the home state using not only the time of day but also the observable values of home IoT sensors and devices. However, it ignored short-term operational behaviors. Consequently, in the present work, we propose a behavior-modeling method that combines home state estimation and event sequences of IoT devices within the home to enable a detailed understanding of long- and short-term user behavior. We compared the proposed model to our previous methods using data collected from real homes. Compared with the estimation-based method, the proposed method achieved a 15.4 ratio with fewer than 10 method, the proposed method achieved a 46.0 than 10


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