Smart-Edge-CoCaCo: AI-Enabled Smart Edge with Joint Computation, Caching, and Communication in Heterogeneous IoT

by   Yixue Hao, et al.

The development of mobile communication technology, hardware, distributed computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology has promoted the application of edge computing in the field of heterogeneous Internet of Things (IoT). In order to overcome the defects of the traditional cloud computing model in the era of big data. In this article, we first propose a new AIenabled smart edge with heterogeneous IoT architecture which combines edge computing, caching, and communication. Then, we propose the Smart-Edge-CoCaCo algorithm. To minimize total delay and confirm the computation offloading decision, Smart-Edge-CoCaCo uses joint optimization of the wireless communication model, the collaborative filter caching model in edge cloud, and the computation offloading model. Finally, we built an emotion interaction testbed to perform computational delay experiments in real environments. The experiment results showed that the computation delay of the Smart-Edge-CoCaCo algorithm is lower than that of traditional cloud computing model with the increase of computing task data and the number of concurrent users.


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