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Smart Contract Vulnerabilities: Does Anyone Care?

by   Daniel Perez, et al.

In the last year we have seen a great deal of both academic and practical interest in the topic of vulnerabilities in smart contracts, particularly those developed for the Ethereum blockchain. In this paper we survey the 21,270 vulnerable contracts reported by five recent academic projects. Contrary to what might have been believed given the reported number of vulnerable contracts, there has been precious little in terms of actual exploitation when it comes to these vulnerabilities. We find that at most 504 out of 21,270 contracts have been subjected to exploits. This corresponds to at most 9,094 ETH (1 million USD), or only 0.30 claimed in some of the papers. While we are certainly not implying that smart contract vulnerability research is without merit, our results suggest that the potential impact of vulnerable code had been greatly exaggerated.


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