Smart Contract Interactions in Coq

11/12/2019 ∙ by Jakob Botsch Nielsen, et al. ∙ 0

We present a model/executable specification of smart contract execution in Coq. Our formalization allows for inter-contract communication and generalizes existing work by allowing modelling of both depth-first execution blockchains (like Ethereum) and breadth-first execution blockchains (like Tezos). We represent smart contracts programs in Coq's functional language Gallina, enabling easier reasoning about functional correctness of concrete contracts than other approaches. In particular we develop a Congress contract in this style. This contract – a simplified version of the infamous DAO – is interesting because of its very dynamic communication pattern with other contracts. We give a high-level partial specification of the Congress's behavior, related to reentrancy, and prove that the Congress satisfies it for all possible smart contract execution orders.



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