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Smart Contract-based Computing ResourcesTrading in Edge Computing

by   Jinyue Song, et al.
University of California-Davis
University of San Francisco

In recent years, there is an emerging trend that some computing services are moving from cloud to the edge of the networks. Compared to cloud computing, edge computing can provide services with faster response, lower expense, and more security. The massive idle computing resources closing to the edge also enhance the deployment of edge services. Instead of using cloud services from some primary providers, edge computing provides people with a great chance to actively join the market of computing resources. However, edge computing also has some critical impediments that we have to overcome. In this paper, we design an edge computing service platform that can receive and distribute the computing resources from the end-users in a decentralized way. Without centralized trade control, we propose a novel hierarchical smart contract-based decentralized technique to establish the trading trust among users and provide flexible smart contract interfaces to satisfy users. Our system also considers and resolves a variety of security and privacy challenges when utilizing the encryption and distributed access control mechanism. We implement our system and conduct extensive experiments to show the feasibility and effectiveness of our proposed system.


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