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Slotted CSMA/CA Based Energy Efficient MAC Protocol Design in Nanonetworks

by   Suk Jin Lee, et al.

Devices in a beacon-enabled network use slotted CSMA/CA to contend for channel usage. Each node in the network competes for the channels when ready to transmit data. The slotted CSMA/CA mechanism based on the super-frame structure fairly provides communication chance for each node and makes a reasonable usage of the available energy in beacon-enabled Zigbee networks. When wireless nano-sensor nodes are implanted into the target human body area for detecting disease symptoms or virus existence, each node also requires a similar characteristic in channel sharing and in the transmission of event-driven data with a short length. In this paper, we suggest a wireless network model with nano-sensor nodes for the in-body application. We propose a novel MAC protocol derived from an existing Zigbee MAC protocol scheme and analyze the performance of energy usage with variable super-frame durations and packet sizes.


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